Arnold插件 Alshader 2.0(仅cryptomatte)


Beta 4 release notes: (经测试MtoA 3.0.0可用)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash with multiple Cryptomatte shaders in scene.
  • Added error detection for issue where Cryptomatte filters do not get set up correctly, (reported by one user by not reproducible).

Beta 3 release notes:


  • Support Arnold 5.1 adaptive sampling
  • Support for mixed bit-depth EXR files
  • Support long object names (up to 2048 characters)
  • Added preview_in_exr control
    • False (default): Omit preview channels when EXR drivers are being used
    • True: Keep behavior as usual
  • Support C4DtoA Arnold 5.1 naming changes
  • Add controls to disable various kinds of name processing
  • Switched to Daniel Schmidt’s faster hash to float code

Bug fixes

  • Crash when rendering with non-aov shaders in Arnold 5.1
  • Skip disabled nodes in manifest

Beta 2 release notes:


  • Test suite for developers
  • Added Cinema 4D name parsing (Sen Haerens)
  • aov_shader metadata for KtoA and MtoA
  • Unicode and special characters in names are now tested and supported

Bug fixes

  • Restored Maya name in special cases (ns1:obj1|ns2:obj2)
  • Fixed some crashes with malformed names, added tests for this
  • Fixed metadata when rendering multiple Cryptomattes into one EXR file (Sen Haerens)
  • Fixed metadata with multiple drivers if one driver did not support metadata (Sen Haerens)
  • Fixed manifests in custom Cryptomattes
  • Fixed manifests for standard cryptomattes with array (per poly) overrides
  • Fixed special characters (quotes, slashes) in manifests
  • Manifests no longer include list aggregate nodes (Sen Haerens)
  • Fixed issue passing AtStrings to variadic arguments in gcc older than 4.8.x (Sachin Shrestha)
  • Statically link the stdc++ lib (Sachin Shrestha)



1、将安装包/bin里面的三个文件复制到 arnold安装目录/shaders里,2、将安装包/ae 里的cryptomatteTemplate.py文件复制到 arnold安装目录/scripts/mtoa/ui/ae里。 开maya,arnold渲染设置的aov里面就会看到三个cryptomatte通道。




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